View your Active Accounts

From the Accounts page, you can view all of your active accounts, manage their documents, and add relevant internal information.


View roll-up account activity for a specific time period, including sales and transaction data, account review status, and FinCEN reporting timelines. If you have open account reviews or FinCEN reports, you can easily click on the links to view and complete any open activity.

Account Owners

View information about every Account Owner listed on the account, as well as a copy of their identification (eg. driver's license).  You are also able to view whether they've logged in or not and when their last login took place.


View general business details such as business structure, address, and contact information.


View basic operational details related to employees, hours of operation, and financial information.


From this tab you can view and approve requirements as well as manage individual documents.

If a new document has been upload to a requirement by the business, the requirement's status will change to Needs Review.

To approve the requirement, first click on it in the table. Then, click on each individual file and make sure they are all marked as Reviewed. Finally, click the Approve button in the top right.

You can also request an upload or upload a file by clicking the Update button in the top right.


Here you can view details about the different Methods of Transportation available to this account. A Method of Transportation is any individual or service that is authorized to transport cash deposits on behalf of the business.

You can provide services contracted by your institution to this account by adding them to the Provided Services section.


From this tab you can manage any internal information and documentation you want to associate with the account. The information on this tab will only be visible to your institution. The business will not see this tab.

Account Identification

  • Internal ID: Every core transaction imported to Green Check will be associated with an account using the accounts' Internal ID. The Internal ID assigned to every transaction in your import file will be matched to the Internal ID assigned to the account in Green Check. 


  • Risk Rating: This field is used to record the risk rating for the account as defined by your institution. Risk Rating can only be updated during an account review.
  • Review Frequency: This field determines the frequency at which new reviews are automatically created for this account.
  • Compliance Score: This field reflects the compliance score calculated from the given account's verified sales in Green Check.

Account Information

  • Account Approved On Date: The date that the account was approved in Green Check by your institution. 

Supporting Documentation

Use this space to upload any internal documents that you would like to associate with the account.