Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Check?

Green Check is a software company that helps cannabis-related businesses and financial institutions work together. Our cannabis banking platform is purpose-built to support the unique oversight and reporting needs of both the business and the bank. Our mission is to help cannabis businesses access the basic financial services that can help them grow and keep their communities safe.

Why do I need to use Green Check?

Your financial institution uses the Green Check system to manage all of their cannabis-related business accounts. Our system allows them to collect the necessary documentation and maintain the required oversight to satisfy their regulations surrounding banking the cannabis industry. They also use our system to validate that transactions are happening between legally licensed businesses/individuals in order to demonstrate that funds deposited to the bank are from legal marijuana sales.

How much does Green Check cost?

Green Check is 100% free to use for cannabis businesses.

How will Green Check use my data?

The Green Check system simply provides an easy way to share your sales activity with your financial institution. Direct integrations with your point of sale or invoice tracking software help to automate this process. The Compliance Rules Engine checks each sale to make sure it complies with the regulations governing cannabis sales in your state. Green Check does not own your data, nor will we ever sell it to a third-party. Your data remains your data.

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