Security | Frequently Asked Questions

How will Green Check use my data?

The Green Check system simply provides an easy way to share your sales activity with your financial institution. Direct integrations with your point of sale or invoice tracking software help to automate this process.

The Compliance Rules Engine checks each sale to make sure it complies with the regulations governing cannabis sales in your state. Green Check does not own your data, nor will we ever sell it to a third-party. Your data remains your data.

Is the Green Check system secure?

Green Check takes security very seriously. Everything stored in Green Check - from sales records to employee information - is secured using the most advanced cryptographic technology available. We regularly conduct our own rigorous internal security audits and continuously update Green Check to make sure your information stays safe with us.

Our system has been thoroughly vetted by each financial institution we work with, and we do not have access to your bank accounts.

How do I remove a user from my account?

You can archive a user at anytime. Once a user is archived, they will no longer be able to access the account unless they are later un-archived.