Core data specifications


Green Check’s Account Monitoring feature relies on the ingestion of key data from the core system.  This data must be in a consistent, readable format as outlined below (Table 1.). The Green Check data ingestion process is capable of filtering unneeded data from reports it receives as well as mapping your source report structure to our data schema. Assuming your source report structure is consistent between uploads, this mapping will only have to be done once.

Field Definitions

All fields must be free of leading or trailing spaces, as well as any non-ASCII Characters. Exact field names are not important as data will be mapped upon upload.


Table 1. Core transaction import template

Field Name



AcctID *

Unique identifier, e.g. account #, CIF, EIN, etc.

Required, Alphanumeric


Name of Account Holder

Optional, Alphanumeric


Unique id of the transaction, if applicable

Optional, Numeric

TranDateTime *

Date and time stamp of the transaction

Required, Date/Time (see Table 2.)


Internal name of the transaction, if applicable

Optional, Alphanumeric


Descriptive transaction details

Optional, Alphanumeric

TranCode *

Identifying code which determines transaction type

Required, Alphanumeric

TranAmt *

Dollar amount of the transactions

Required, numeric


Date transaction was posted to the account

Optional, Date (see Table 2.)


Beginning account balance, prior to transaction completing

Optional, numeric


Ending account balance, after transaction clears

Optional, numeric

Acceptable Date Formats

Green Check uses the Luxon date library which supports most common date formats (Table 2.).  


Table 2. Acceptable date formats

 "MM/dd/yyyy h:mm:ss a",

 "M/dd/yyyy h:mm:ss a",

 "M/d/yyyy h:mm:ss a",


Additionally, any SQL format or ISO8601 format, in milliseconds, in seconds are also supported.

File Format

Files should be exported in .csv format.

File Transmission

Files are transmitted to Green Check securely via direct file upload within the application or SFTP (on a case by case basis).


In order for Green Check’s functionality to be fully effective, core transaction data is needed on a recurring basis. The frequency of data will depend on the institution’s desired account review schedule (monthly, quarterly, annually).

Transaction Codes

Transaction codes must be provided at time of implementation to map existing transaction codes to standard transaction types so that Green Check will know how to apply the information received.

Please note: You will need to provide your transaction codes to Green Check before you are able to begin importing core transaction data.