Manage Transaction Codes

Getting started

Transaction Codes can be added and managed by reaching out directly to your Account Manager.

If your institution is just getting started, please download and fill in the template below, then send it to your Green Check Account Manager.

You will need to provide your transaction codes to Green Check before you are able to begin importing core transaction data.

How Transaction Codes are used

Your transaction codes will need to be mapped to a standard Transaction and Payment Type in Green Check allowing you to better understand each account's activity.

To do this, you will need to provide a report of Transaction Codes used in your core system. Your Account Manager will work with you to help identify the right report, as well as review the mappings with you before they are made final. 

Classifying Transaction Codes

Once you've identified the list of transaction codes that are relevant to your cannabis accounts, the next step is to classify them by Transaction and Payment Type.

Transaction Type:

  • Debit
  • Credit

Payment Type:

You may classify your transaction codes as one of the following payment types. Not all payment types are required.

  • ACH
  • Adjustment
  • Bill Payments
  • Card - Debit
  • Card - Credit
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Digital
  • Fee
  • Interest / Dividend
  • Monetary Instrument
  • Other
  • Payments
  • P2P
  • Physical
  • Returned items / NSF
  • RTP
  • Tax
  • Transfer
  • Wire

The final step of this process is to send your classified transaction codes to your Green Check Account Manager who with then configure them to your account. This process typically takes 1 business day.