Manage Transaction Codes

Getting Started

Your initial list of Transaction Codes can be added in bulk by reaching out directly to your Account Manager.

If your institution is just getting started, please download and fill in the template below, then send it to your Green Check Account Manager. Your Account Manager will work with you to help identify the right report, as well as review the mappings with you before they are made final. 

You will need to provide your transaction codes to Green Check before you are able to begin importing core transaction data.

Adding or Editing Transaction Codes

Over time, you may find the need to add or edit transaction codes in Green Check. To do so, simply navigate to the Settings page and click on the Transaction Codes tab. Use the button in the top right corner to add new transactions codes. You'll be asked to enter the transaction code, name, type, and payment type (see below for definitions).

To edit an existing transaction code, select the record from the table and click the "edit" or "delete" button. Deleting a transaction code will not impact any existing transactions with this code, but will remove it from the mapping moving forward.  

Classifying Transaction Codes

Once you've identified the list of transaction codes that are relevant to your cannabis accounts, the next step is to classify them by Transaction and Payment Type.

Transaction Types:

  • Deposit
  • Withdrawal

Payment Types:

You may classify your transaction codes as one of the following payment types. Not all payment types are required.

Payment Type Definition
ach Any ACH transactions including debits, credits, check conversions, etc.
ach_wire Use this if you're unable to separate ACH transactions from Wires
adjustment Manual adjustments made to the account by the financial institution
bill_payments Bill payment transactions initiated by the business through a bill payment service
card High level category for all card transactions, whether ATM card, debit card, or credit card
card_credit Transactions conducted using a credit card vehicle
card_debit Transactions conducted using a debit card vehicle
cash High level category for all cash transactions, regardless of point of origination - Teller line, ATM, Night Drop, etc.
check Any transactions, regardless of point of processing - Item Processing, Teller Line, ATM, etc.
crypto Transactions that have originated from a crypto currency source
digital High level category for all types of digital transactions - Bill Pay, P2P, Online Transfers, etc.
disbursement Loan, line of credit or credit card disbursement
dividend Dividend payments to the account holder
escrow Escrow payment or disbursement
fee Any and all fees charged to the business, allowing the institution to segregate these from business initiated transactions, and to begin to calculate fees from the line of business
interest_dividend Any or all payments to the business for either interest or dividends
interest Interest payment to the business on account balances
loan_advance Advance from loan or line of credit
monetary_instrument Official or cashier's checks, money orders, traveler's checks, stored value cards
nsf Transactions and/or fees related to insufficient funds items
payments High level category for any payment type - Loan Payment, P2P, Bill Payment, etc.
payment_recd Loan, line of credit or credit card payment
payoff Loan, line of credit or credit card payoff
p2p Person to person payments, either originated through the institution's P2P platform, or posted from an external P2P platform such as Venmo or Zelle
physical If your teller system is unable to split activity at the teller line into cash/check, you can use this category to consolidate all transactions done at the branch
returned_items High level category for items returned if you would like them consolidated. Otherwise, you can use Check or ACH to have returns reflected in those specific categories
rtp Transactions that are processed using the real time payment rails
tax If your system has a specific transaction code for tax payments made by the business, they can be segregated in this category
transfer High level category for any transfers that are originated between accounts - Internal, Online, ATM, etc.
wire Transactions to fund outgoing wires, or for those transactions that have been received
other Anything else not defined above 


How Transaction Codes are used

Your transaction codes will need to be mapped to a standard Transaction and Payment Type in Green Check allowing you to better understand each account's activity. How you classify transaction codes will also define how transaction activity is summarized in Monitoring Reviews of your cannabis accounts.