Automating Deposit Records

Process for automatically ingesting deposit data from cash courier reporting systems


Deposit records in Green Check represent a digital record of funds being deposited into a CRB’s account. These records contain information about the deposit itself, and serve as a control for the FI to accomplish the following:

  1. Document the process of reconciling deposits to their verified source of funds (usually compliant sales activities)
  2. Capture any review activities such as internal notes or external comments/communications with the CRB regarding the deposit in question

Deposit records can be created manually by the CRB using the Green Check interface, or automatically via a data feed from the CRB’s cash courier. 

For information regarding manually creating deposit records in the Green Check interface, please click here.

Creating Deposit Records Automatically

Deposit records can be created automatically by transmitting files directly to Green Check via SFTP. 


  • File must be in CSV format
  • File must contain 1 row per deposit record
  • File structure/format must be consistent (changes will require reconfiguration by Green Check)
  • File must contain column headers
  • File must contain, at minimum, the following columns:
    • Account Number
    • Pickup Date or Anticipated Arrival Date
    • Deposit Date (date the funds are delivered/transferred to the FI)
    • Deposit Amount

The file may contain other fields which can be mapped to Green Check’s deposit record as applicable. The file may also contain additional fields which are not relevant to Green Check’s deposit record. These additional fields will be unmapped and therefore ignored during the ingestion process. A full list of fields associated with a deposit object in Green Check are below.

Field Name



UUID of the deposit record (generated by Green Check upon creation)


user ID of the FI user that reconcile the deposit record 


method of transportation entered by the CRB (hard coded to the applicable cash courier for files transmitted via SFTP) 


date the FI received the deposit


internal comments left on the record by the FI


UUID of the FI organization in Green Check


user ID of the CRB user that created the deposit record (left blank for files transmitted via SFTP)


date the deposit record was created in Green Check


date of last update to the deposit record


method of transportation confirmed by the FI (hard coded to the applicable cash courier for files transmitted via SFTP) 


UUID of the CRB organization in Green Check


expected date of deposit arrival entered upon creation


final deposit amount


the max funds available for deposit at the time of creation. Calculated automatically by Green Check based on CRB sales data


date the FI posted funds to the account (entered by FI during reconciliation)


deposit status set by the FI (pending, under review, accepted)

Setup Process

Green Check works collaboratively with our partners to establish, test, and validate deposit record data feeds. A cash courier must have an FI “sponsor,” as the data feed needs to be connected to an FI organization. If no sponsor is present (or not yet operational), Green Check can provide a sandbox FI environment for testing. The high-level process is as follows:

  1. Request SFTP credentials from Green Check
  2. Transmit test file
    1. Green Check to map column headers to deposit fields
  3. Process test file
    1. Review output to validate column mapping
  4. Enable daily data feed