Update an Account's Max Deposit amount

The Max Deposit amount is the amount of funds that an account has available to include in a deposit record at any given time. This amount increases when Verified or Unchecked cash and check funds are added to Green Check. This amount decreases when deposit records are made. If a business chooses to deposit less than their Max Deposit amount, that amount will remain eligible to be included in a future deposit.

Since you may want to limit these excess funds from being included in future deposits, or otherwise have a need to adjust the Max Deposit amount, Admin users have the ability to do so on the individual account page of any Active account.

To update the Max Deposit for a single account:

  • Navigate to the Accounts page.
  • Select the Account you wish to update from the list of Active accounts.
  • Navigate to the Internal tab.
  • In the Max Deposit section, click the Edit button. 
  • Enter the new Max Deposit amount and click Save.
  • Confirm the update by clicking Confirm.

Upon confirming, the business will receive an email notification letting them know an update was made.