Understanding your Available for Deposit amount

The Available for Deposit number on your Dashboard is a running total of all your Verified and Unchecked cash or check sales minus the total of all deposits you have recorded.

This is the total amount of funds you can record in a deposit at any given time.

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How this number increases

Your Available for Deposit amount will increase when you add cash and check funds to your account. There are several ways to do this:

How this number decreases

Your Available for Deposit amount will decrease anytime you record a deposit. It will always decrease by the amount that you include in each deposit.

For example, if you submit a Deposit for $10,000, your Available for Deposit amount will decrease by $10,000 as soon as you make the deposit.


Please note: Your banking partner has the ability to update your Available for Deposit amount should the number need to be updated to reflect a true cash-on-hand amount. They will not typically update this amount without working with you to find the correct amount.