SFTP POS Data Transfer

When integrating your POS isn’t an option, CRBs can use an SFTP process to transfer sales data to Green Check securely. Although a full integration to one of our many supported integrations is the best way to ensure sales flow seamlessly into Green Check Verified, this SFTP process is attractive for organizations that use a system that isn’t yet integrated with Green Check Verified. Read on for some FAQs 

What does SFTP mean? 

SFTP stands for Secure File Transfer Protocol. This is a standard process for transferring files securely between two servers. What this means for your CRBs is that after setting up this process, they no longer need to manually upload sales into Green Check Verified. 

How should we begin this process? 

Please begin by having your CRB reach out to product@greencheckverified.com. We will need to connect with a technical person at the CRB or at the POS system they are using to set up this process. 

What are the requirements for the file that is sent? 

The file will need to be in CSV format. You can find a description of the fields which are required and some that are optional (click here for retail, click here for wholesale). It should be noted that even though some of the fields are technically optional for the file transfer, not including them will mean that none of these sales are run through our Compliance Rules Engine, and we would be unable to confirm whether or not the sales were compliant. If the optional fields are collected, we recommend including them in the file that is sent to us, thereby ensuring the sales are checked for compliance. Once the team at your CRB and/or the POS system has taken account of the file headers below, they will need to email us a test file so that we can validate that the column headers are organized properly and the values are correct. 

What happens after Green Check Validates the file format? 

After the Green Check team validates the test file, we will need the SSH Public Keys from the system that is sending the file. This allows us to keep a high level of security, ensuring that the organization that’s sending the file is one we recognize. 

After we receive the SSH Public Keys we will have the organization that’s sending the file generate a test send via SFTP. We will confirm on our end that the file was received successfully and that the sales in the file were imported into the correct organization. 

At this point, we are ready to go live! We will flip the switch to consider this a live SFTP process, and notify the organization that’s sending files that we are ready to begin receiving live sales files.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please don’t hesitate to contact our Product team (product@greencheckverified.com).