September 30th, 2022 Release Notes

Due Diligence

  • Released “Smart Rules” to enable users to add conditional logic to fields in Due Diligence Template and Questionnaire custom forms
    • Smart Rules allow fields or entire sections to be shown or hidden based on specific criteria to simplify custom forms for users completing them


  • New “Other Documents” folder added by default to all Account profiles serves as a centralized home for any documents uploaded in Questionnaires or Due Diligence Template custom fields


  • Added “View Transactions” button to SARs in order to automatically summarize activity for the account(s) listed in the SAR
  • Pre-populate continuing activity SARs with the institution, location, and subject data from previous SARs 


  • Migrated MJ license API call to new document aggregator API to improve initial page load time
  • Added pooling to our relational database to support multiple RDS clients and improve account review generation time
  • Removed duplicative initialization API call at login
  • Updated all UI APIs to follow a standardized shape using the properties “Status”, “Errors”, “Messages”,  and “Data” where the data property contains the actual response
  • Added front end unit tests to multiple components


  • MJ license report now includes uniform license type for verified license records

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a regression bug that prevented users from being able to create child locations which share account numbers with their parent org
  • Fixed issue preventing files uploaded in comments from being opened withing the comments widget