September 1st, 2022 Release Notes

UI / UX Improvements

  • New auto-save functionality when completing Questionnaires
  • Display “completed on” date when viewing Questionnaires

Due Diligence Templates and Questionnaires 

  • Introduced Smart Rules to support conditional show/hide functionality in custom fields
      • Add conditional logic to individual fields or entire sections of fields

Deposit Reconciliation

  • Added ability for FI users to delete deposit records in the event that duplicate or erroneous records are created by CRBs (requires admin and deposit approver roles)

Sales Data

  • Optimized Treez sales and ancillary data requests to prevent API throttling
  • Support for CRBs to “reconnect” or update their API credentials without GCV intervention
  • Update back-end logic for Sales Activity report to prevent timeout issues

Bug Fixes

  • Persist line breaks in custom forms -> section description fields in all places where this text is shown
  • Prevent duplicating deposit aggregates by properly accounting for shared internal ids when viewing “all accounts” in Monitoring Reviews created for parent/child groups