Reconnect your Point of Sale

Green Check Verified is now making it easier to know when we’ve lost communication with your Point of Sale (POS). 

Changing credentials is the most common cause of a loss of connection.  Now, each time we reach out to your POS, we’ll first check that the credentials we have are correct (username/password, API key, etc.). 

We have an automated process that checks the POS every night for sales. If at that point we notice that the credentials we have on file are no longer valid, we will set the connection status to “Needs Attention” and send an in-app and email notification to the CRB Admin. This will notify the CRB Admin to log in to Green Check and re-enter their credentials. 

Upon logging into Green Check and navigating to the Integrations page, you will see the integration that needs attention. Clicking the Reconnect button will open the integration drawer, allowing you to re-enter your credentials, thereby reconnecting the POS to Green Check. However, if the credentials are still incorrect, we will notify you. 

Most POS integrations allow you to re-enter your credentials. There are some POS systems where users don’t have access to their credentials. For these systems, a member of the Green Check Verified support team will have to be involved in re-entering your credentials. Those POS systems are listed below:

  1. Cova
  2. MJ Freeway
  3. Brytemap

Check out our Known Connection Issues page to see if there are any issues with the varying POS systems that we support.