Reconcile a deposit

To reconcile a deposit:
  • In your Green Check account, navigate to the Deposits page.
  • Click on the Filter to the right and select the parameters for the Deposits in which you wish to display.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Click the individual deposit you want to reconcile. 

Tip: Use the filters at the top of the table to tailor the deposit records shown.

  • Review the information provided by the account in the Deposit drawer.
  • If either of Method of Transportation, Date Received and Date Posted is not accurate, you have the option to enter in the correct data.
  • Confirm the Deposit Amount Received.
  • You also have the option to leave an internal comment.
  • When you're ready, click the Reconcile Deposit button.

Edit a reconciled deposit

If you need to edit any reconciliation details after the deposit has been reconciled, you can set the deposit back to Pending or Under Review by using the status filter in the top right.

Deposit Properties

Customer Provided Details

  • Deposit Amount Received: Final deposit amount confirmed or updated by the bank user
  • Anticipated Deposit Amount: Planned physical deposit amount entered by the customer
  • Anticipated Receipt Date: Planned date of deposit entered by the customer
  • Anticipated Method of Transportation: Method of transportation entered by the customer
  • Customer Comment: Comments added by the customer

Record Details

  • Max Deposit: The max funds available for deposit at the time the deposit was recorded
  • Recorded By: Customer user that recorded the deposit
  • Recorded On: Date the deposit was recorded by the customer
  • Deposit ID: Unique identifier for the deposit

Reconciliation Details

  • Method of Transportation: Method of transportation confirmed or updated by the bank user
  • Date Received: Date the physical deposit was received
  • Date Posted: Date the funds were posted to the account entered by the bank user
  • Description: Internal comments added by the bank user
  • Reconciled By: Bank user who reconciled the deposit
  • Reconciled On: Date the deposit was reconciled
  • Status: Deposit status set by the bank (Pending, Under Review, Accepted)

Under Review

If you need to spend more time reviewing an individual deposit before reconciling it, you can change its status to Under Review by using the  status dropdown in the top right of the drawer.