Product Updates: Multiple Account Number FAQs

View FAQs about managing multiple account numbers for a single CRB to help you get oriented with this feature

November 2022 - Now available!

With the newest Green Check release, you will be able to add multiple account numbers to a single cannabis-related business! For instance, on top of the primary checking account for which you currently capture transaction data, you will also be able to store savings accounts, money markets, certificates of deposit, and secondary accounts. This helps you more accurately capture and view related core transaction data for your accounts in one place.

What is changing from the existing behavior?

Previously, we allowed you to add one account number to a single CRB account. This means we were only able to display one source of transactional data within the Activity tab and within Monitoring Reviews, which didn’t show the complete picture of how your account’s transactions were structured. This new structure supports multiple account numbers for a single cannabis account, allowing you to see ALL related transaction data.

Do I have to change anything for my accounts that have existing bank account numbers? 

No, if you already have a single account number set up for a CRB, that existing account number has been migrated to be the primary account number. This means you can see all of the same information for your existing accounts and their account numbers, and also add new account numbers if needed.

What updates will be needed to my core data files that are sent to Green Check? 

If you have previously excluded account numbers from the core data extract you send to Green Check and want to begin additionally including new account numbers, you will have to adjust your extraction and include those new account numbers in the core data file that is sent to us. Please contact support to help facilitate this process. 

What if I created an “org” for a location’s other bank accounts so I could see transactional data? 

If you did create an org of this type to view transactions for different bank account numbers, please contact support or your relationship manager so we can deconstruct those accounts and set them up properly with the new account number structure.