Coming Soon: Green Check Version 2.0

We are in the process of rebuilding the Green Check app with usability, scalability, enhanced security, and accessibility in mind. Look for a release in January 2022!

The last year was filled with new products and features in the Green Check application, including account monitoring, core data integration, activity overviews of your active accounts, and more. But, that’s not all there is to celebrate! Aside from the already released features and functionality you have been enjoying, the team has been working behind the scenes on a new and improved Green Check application: Green Check Version 2.0. 

FI Dashboard Image

Here is a preview of all that will be included: 

General Improvements


Improved User Experience

We thoughtfully redesigned each screen of the application with your user experience in mind. You will notice some visual improvements, but many of the enhancements will help you get work done faster and with greater ease. Don’t worry; we will be in touch to guide you through all of the exciting changes!


Mobile Support, Accessibility, and Scalability

The new Green Check application is responsive and mobile friendly, working on modern and supported mobile devices. This was a limitation of the former version of our application, and we are excited to allow the use of Green Check on-the-go. We have also made strides towards accessibility and will continue these efforts in 2022. For those financial institutions with hundreds of cannabis account relationships—we heard you. The application is now quicker and more efficient, with less lag, allowing you to scale your program with ease.

New Features and Functionality


In-App Comments

With this release, you will be able to make and respond to comments across the Green Check application. Previously, comments were limited to a single comment on a document, as an example. But now, you are able to make comments on various areas of the application, reply to existing comments, talk back and forth with your cannabis accounts, add documents, mention users by name (and receive alerts), archive comments, and more. Adding this functionality means you can keep all account-related conversations and information in one place, making your communications more streamlined.


Parent/Child Relationships

For multi-unit operators (MUOs) or parent accounts who manage one or several locations, there are new options to better manage these relationships. You can now identify orgs as either “parent accounts” or “child locations,” which makes onboarding and oversight simpler than ever. For parent accounts, you can choose which locations to include in reviews to gain a clear understanding of how each location is performing. 


Customized Alerts & Notifications

Within the new version of the application, each user will be able to toggle on or off notifications (both for emails and push notifications within the app). If an email alert for an account is too noisy within your email, for example, you can turn the email off and leave the in-app notification turned on so you won’t miss a thing. 


In-App Guides & Messaging

You will notice new in-app walkthroughs, tutorials, and messages, all aimed at making you aware of new features and functionality or areas of the application that may benefit from guidance. This will all be accessible through the “help” icon that is moving to the bottom left-hand corner of the application, which also contains live chat. Please look there for helpful guides, product updates, and more. On a related note, look out for an NPS survey at the beginning of 2022, which will help us gauge your satisfaction with the product!

Stay tuned for more on this packed release in the upcoming new year, which will include an announcement, training webinar, and support center articles.


The development process is filled with unexpected hurdles, so the timelines and projects shared here are subject to change. Additionally, they don't include the entirety of our development plans.