October 28th, 2022 Release Notes

UI / UX Improvements

  • Enhancements to the document matching modal when migrating documents between orgs or Due Diligence templates

Core Transaction Data

  • Introduced a new “Testing Mode” to allow core data administrators to begin transmitting core data to test configuration elements without creating any real core transaction records
    • Includes visibility into each test run under Data -> Imports tab
  • Added support for period separated dateTime formats

Due Diligence

  • New ”display” field type in custom form builder to create static text within forms

FinCEN Reporting

  • “View Transactions” query now returns all data for the associated account numbers, including any unmatched transactions
  • “Associated Account Number” field now auto-populating on SARs based on the account number stored on the associated org’s record 


  • Added support for searching/filtering by account numbers


  • Updated API call on Monitoring -> Completed Reviews tab to deliver faster, more reliable results when filtering for large amounts of data
  • Performance improvements to account lists on Questionnaires and Due Diligence Templates

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that prevented parent orgs from being returned when searching by org name in the Build Report modal