Introducing: New Reports Page


We are excited to introduce the new Reports page in Green Check! This page was designed to make reporting simple by consolidating all reports in one place, as well as more powerful by adding the ability to customize each report with additional filtering options.

Reports Page

The Reports page will appear as a new option in the main menu bar. From here you will be able to customize and export all available reports.



Available Reports

  • Sales Activity
  • Daily Summaries
  • Deposits
  • SAR Summaries
  • CTR Summaries

Pro Tip: We will be removing existing export buttons from  the Dashboard and FinCEN Reports pages in the coming weeks, so we recommend becoming familiar with the Reports page as soon as you can. We will be sending one more email regarding this change before the existing buttons are removed.


We are constantly striving to enhance our reporting functionality, so please send any feedback or requests for specific report types to