October 14th, 2022 Release Notes

UI / UX Improvements

  • Redesigned page headers to make it easier to interact with page elements (breadcrumb links, filters, actions, search, etc.)


  • Ability to switch an account’s Due Diligence Template with support for migrating and mapping existing documents

Sales Data

  • Fix for Leaf Logix infinite customer loop to prevent integrations from failing when customer id cannot be found
  • Email and in-app notifications to CRB users with failing POS integrations


  • Better utilize central Data Store to stop reloading data for each page change
  • Automatically trim leading or trailing spaces in account number field

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed edge case related to custom forms with file upload fields and conditional logic
  • Fixed timezone issue in Monitoring Review -> Export Sales Activity report
  • Fixed issue preventing some deposit records from being reconciled