November 11th, 2022 Release Notes

UI / UX Improvements

  • Replaced “switch to” table navigation with a more intuitive interactive tab experience
  • Improved formatting of read-only date and select fields

Account Management

  • Add multiple account numbers to each org in order to track all account activity related to each relationship. 
    • Support for multiple account types as well as configuring 1 account number as “primary”
    • Account number(s) can be added during the account approval process, or after via the Internal tab
    • Multiple account numbers can also be managed at the parent account level
    • Account number filter added to Accounts -> Activity tab to filter transactions for accounts with multiple account numbers
  • New timeline of “Key Account Dates” on the Accounts -> Activity tab


  • Added support for automated monitoring review schedules
    • Create and manage multiple review frequencies for each account (or parent).
    • Reviews are automatically generated for the selected time periods including sales and transaction data from the associated account number(s)
  • Support for multiple account numbers in Monitoring Reviews


  • Core Transactions and Account Summary reports now reflect multiple account numbers per org (if applicable)

Due Diligence

  • Updated Questionnaire email copy to provide more context and a sense of urgency to assigned users

Public API

  • Added new endpoint for fetching all documents for a single org 

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue related to searching by parent org name in the “generate report” modal