Multi-factor authentication (MFA) support

Setting up and Using Multi-Factor Authentication

Getting Started

MFA is an optional login requirement which may be configured on an organization-wide basis. MFA requires users to enter a unique time-sensitive code in addition to their password and email when logging into Green Check.

To enable MFA for your organization, please reach out to your relationship manager or email us at

Setting up MFA

Once enabled , users logging into your organization's Green Check account will be asked to choose Authentication App as follows:

  • Authentication App: users will pair a one-time-passcode (OTP) authentication app of their choosing and use this app to produce a secure code each time they log in. 
  • SMS/Text: users will opt into receiving a text for MFA log in purposes.  They'll be presented with a secure code via text each time they log in.

Users that wish to use an Authentication App will be presented with a QR code they can scan to pair their app with Green Check. Alternatively, users are presented with a pairing code which can be manually entered in their Authentication App to complete the pairing process. Upon pairing, the user will be asked to enter the time-sensitive code generated by the Authentication App.

Unable to Receive MFA Codes?

If you're unable to receive/generate MFA codes using your chosen Authentication App, please contact to discuss options for resetting your MFA settings. Note: this process may take up to 1 business day.