May 26th, 2022 Release Notes

Due Diligence

  • Added ability to manage multiple due diligence templates
    • Add, remove, edit document requirements
    • Include in-app custom forms with each template
    • Assign templates during “invite account” process
  • Support for indirect CRBs, including hemp, CBD, and ancillary cannabis businesses
    • MJ plant touching vs non plant touching templates
      • Indicate if a template will be used for direct MJ plant touching accounts or indirect non plant touching accounts
    • Onboarding flow for indirect CRBs 


  • Create, manage, and distribute custom questionnaires (forms) to assigned CRBs
    • Drag-and-drop form builder + preview mode
    • Distribute via ad-hoc or recurring frequency
    • CRB is notified via email + in-app notification and given a Questionnaire Inbox to see open and completed questionnaires 
  • New Questionnaire page for FI to track distribution, completion, and results of questionnaires
  • View and manage questionnaires for an active account
    • New Questionnaires tab on the individual (active) account page listing questionnaires that have been distributed as well as those that are scheduled to be distributed in the future

      • Includes questionnaire status + results

    • Ability to manage an account’s questionnaire recurring distribution/configuration, as well as distribute one-time questionnaires immediately or scheduled for the future

POS Data

  • Changed data fetcher frequency and concurrency to increase performance and reliability


  • Migrated Sales Activity report to new reporting database to increase performance and reliability

Bug Fixes

  • Update FI Dashboard filter to correctly handle instances where all orgs exist in a parent/child relationship
  • Fix for custom forms with file upload fields sending multiple notifications
  • Fix for CRB -> Company Profile -> Additional Information section not auto-saving