May 2022: Product Update (Indirect)

The wait is over: Indirect is now available!

We are extremely excited to announce that the product you've been waiting for— Green Check's Indirect solution—is now available! This feature-packed release allows you to customize your cannabis banking program and unlock greater market potential, enabling you to oversee the compliance and performance of direct plant-touching, hemp/CBD, and indirect cannabis-related businesses—all in one seamless experience!

Read on for more information about Indirect, including the benefits, the features it includes, and more. And don't forget to join us for an hour-long webinar on May 26th at 1 p.m. EDT (watch the recording here) to learn all about Indirect. Don't worry; if you miss it, we will send out the recorded session.

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Indirect FAQs

  1. What is it again? Green Check's Indirect product includes the creation, customization, and management of multiple due diligence templates and automated questionnaires.
  2. What's the benefit? This means full customization of enhanced due diligence (EDD) during onboarding and on an ongoing basis. Many of our clients are using this new product to begin including different types of CRBs in their portfolio, such as hemp/CBD and indirect!
  3. What are due diligence templates? Due diligence templates encompass both the document requirements and custom fields that you collect from your CRBs during onboarding. Previously, we allowed you to create and manage one due diligence template; however, now you can create many! For instance, create one template to invite indirect accounts and a separate one for higher-risk direct marijuana accounts so you only collect the information required.
  4. What about questionnaires? Questionnaires are automated forms that you can build and customize as part of ongoing due diligence requirements. These can be scheduled on a recurring basis (like monthly or yearly) or can be sent on-demand as needed to your CRB accounts.
  5. What about the existing due diligence template that I've been using all along? You can find your original due diligence template in Settings > Due Diligence > Default Template. Be sure to select this one when inviting new accounts if you would like to continue using it.
  6. How can I learn more? Fear not; the product team is doing a full training webinar on Indirect on May 26, 2022 at 1 p.m. EDT. Watch the recording here.



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Manage questionnaires with ease—check statuses, manage distribution, and send on-demand.


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View statuses and results for your whole cannabis banking portfolio in the new Questionnaires area (found in the left-hand navigation). This is where you will go to see consolidated questionnaire data across ALL accounts!



Indirect support if you need it

You didn't think we'd leave you in the dark, right? Here are some articles to help guide you through the full Indirect product, including due diligence templates (initial due diligence) and questionnaires (ongoing due diligence):

If you have any questions, feedback, or are experiencing any unexpected behavior, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly support team.