Marijuana License Uniform Statuses

Each state has its own unique status for a given Marijuana License (625 statuses in total). Our third-party integrator, CRB Monitor, standardizes these into 6 “Uniform License Statuses”.

  1. Pre-License
  2. Approved/Pending
    1. Licenses in this status haven’t quite reached their Licensing Authority’s final “active and ready to sell” status. They are also not in their Licensing Authority’s “first stage” status. Therefore, they sit somewhere in between and are considered approved and pending ability to sell. 
  3. Active
  4. Inactive
  5. Unlicensed
  6. Unknown
  7. Unmatched
    1. This “Unmatched” status is a GCV-specific status that doesn’t come from CRB Monitor. This status denotes licenses in GCV that have not been matched to their corresponding license in CRB Monitor.