March 18, 2022 Release Notes

A summary of updates made between 2/21/22 and 03/18/22

Core Transaction Improvements

  • Allow Core Transaction Override: Allows FIs to specify variable transaction and payment types for a single transaction code. This provides support for FIs with tran codes that are used as debit/credit interchangeably, as well as codes that may vary in payment type (e.g. cash vs. non cash)
  • Support for storing and matching Unmatched Transactions: records that were sent to use via the FTP, but contained an account number or transaction code that didn’t exist in GCV at the time are stored as “unmatched transactions”. Historically we would ignore these txs and would need to manually re-ingest the data once the FI added the missing account number / tran code. We now have functionality that stores the unmatched transactions and automatically “adopts” them if/when the FI adds the missing data.
  • Automatically strip empty columns from FTP files

UI/UX Improvements

  • Add sale ID field to sale detail drawer
  • Persist filters what moving in and out of detail pages (e.g. FinCEN reports, Daily Summaries, and Accounts)
  • Truncate long file, requirement, or account names
  • Update layout of notification drawer

Reporting Improvements

  • Added multi-select options to Report parameters
  • Add org id as column in Account Summary, Sales Activity, and Daily Summaries reports

Parent/Child improvements

  • Parent/child account structure in Account filters
  • Add error message when trying to approve an account that needs a unique ID from its parent

POS Data

  • Canix POS integration (currently in beta)
  • Better handling of med/rec sale types
  • Update OR CRE rules