March 17th, 2023 Release Notes

Due Diligence Templates

  • Ability to preview entire template, including custom fields, document requirements, and GCV system-generated fields
    • Gain a clearer understanding of the exact documents and details a CRB will be asked for when submitting an application
    • Avoid duplicate questions to provide a more streamlined experience for new CRBs

Core Transaction Data

  • In-file Duplicates: added visibility into the number of transactions that are duplicated within each file (as opposed to only showing transactions that duplicate other previously existing transactions) on the Data -> Imports tab

Monitoring Reviews

  • Grouped notifications: receive a single notification when a group of automated monitoring reviews are created on the same day. Applies to email and in-app notifications.

CRB Onboarding

  • Rearchitected “Documents” section of the CRB application workflow. These feedback-driven changes were designed to improve the experience for CRBs and help them better understand, view, and fulfill each document requirement both on desktop and mobile devices.

Bug fixes

  • Resolved issue that prevented archived comment attachments from being viewed 

Performance and Infrastructure 

  • Migrated all database tables to “global” table structure to complete our multi-Region, and multi-active database infrastructure initiative. Greatly improves our disaster preparedness and overall BCP posture.