Managing Branch Locations

Configuring your branch locations in Green Check makes it easier to pre-populate branch-specific information in your FinCEN reports.

Adding Branch Locations

To manage branch locations, simply navigate to the Settings page -> Profile tab and click the "Edit" button in the top right corner.

Next, scroll down to the Locations section and click "Add Other Location" 

You'll be asked to enter the name, address, and RSSD number for each location before clicking "Save" to complete the process

Note: if your branches share the same RSSD number, be sure to enter the number for each location to ensure the FinCEN report fields are populated properly.

Using Branch Locations in FinCEN Reports

Branch locations can be added to a Suspicious Activity Report's "Branch Information" section on the "Financial Location" tab. 

Click the "Add Another Branch" button within this section to be presented with a list of your existing branch locations. Select the branch you'd like to add, or click the "add branch location manually" button.