June 10th, 2022 Release Notes

UI / UX Improvements

  • Added “last 7 days” as a new time filter option. Currently set as the default for the Dashboard
  • New header navigation for monitoring reviews to provide better visibility into the review’s attributes

Business License Verification

  • Integration to CRB Monitor to automatically match and verify MJ business license status
  • Display verified expiration date, date last verified, and license status on each MJ business license record
  • Notifications to FI stakeholders based on changes to license status
  • License renewal notifications / requests are now only sent to CRBs if the license is “unmatched”

Indirect Accounts (e.g. hemp, CBD, ancillary CRBs)

  • Hide dashboard and other MJ-specific content from non Indirect CRB users
  • Handles instances where indirect account is not required to integrate or provide sales data
  • Remove “MJ license” section from Monitoring Reviews created for indirect accounts


  • Reflect Questionnaire’s initial “start date” on the Questionnaire record in the Settings page

Public API

  • Updated POST /bank/{id}/dispensary endpoint to include template id parameter in order to specify which due diligence template should be used to create the org.