July 8, 2022 Release Notes

UI / UX Improvements

  • Added nested hierarchy to account drop downs to visually show parent/child relationships
  • Added box-shadow styles to modals and dropdown menus to better show depth and boundaries of each component
  • Added a “Download” button to the View File drawer, making it easier to export documents without having to view them first

Business License Verification

  • Display license type in the license matching portal, making it easier to link records for businesses with multiple licenses
  • New license report on the Reports page to export license data

Sales Data

  • Brytemap performance improvements
  • Stagger sales integration timing to increase scalability
  • Improvements to Sage Intact location logic for integrations with multiple locations / business units
  • Add support and logic for handling dates containing year in 2 digit format

Data Page (NEW!)

  • Added a new page to provide visibility into the data being reported through Green Check
      • Data Summary: the summary table and Import button that previously appeared on the “Data” tab of the Monitoring page have been moved to the Data page
      • Imports: displays the core transaction files that are transmitted to Green Check, as well as the results of each import
      • Unmatched Transactions (coming soon): displays a list of transactions which have been transmitted to Green Check but are “unmatched” due to a missing account number, transaction code, or both


  • New notification type for when questionnaires are completed
  • Added the ability to edit recurring frequency and time to respond for existing Questionnaires