July 22nd, 2022 Release Notes

UI / UX Improvements

  • Additional business logic to route new users to the correct onboarding screen, regardless of how they arrive at the login page
  • Update Marijuana License report to make the report parameters more intuitive and report content more useful
  • Standardized the use/behavior of select (search input) fields on the Reports page
  • Added a date range filter to the Monitoring page to improve page load speed and make it easier to search/filter reviews

FinCEN Reporting

  • Added a new field for RSSD Number in the Company Profile page, which is used to auto-populate the FI Identification fields in FinCEN reports

Company Profile

  • New section for managing information on branch locations (to be used within FinCEN reports in an upcoming release)

Data Page

  • Released the new Unmatched Transactions tab to surface any corer transactions with transaction codes or account numbers that are not found in the system
  • Added ability to click on individual rows on the Imports tab to view and download the raw data that was received

Account Monitoring

  • Introduced a new Comments Summary widget in Monitoring Reviews to surface all the comments left across the app for the account(s) being reviewed.
  • Added the ability to drill down into individual transactions contained within a review period
  • Styling, sizing, and formatting improvements throughout Monitoring Reviews

Sales Data

  • New Biotrack onboarding validator to better handle connection errors
  • Added multi-location support for Sage Intacct integrations

Core Transaction Data

  • Added a new SFTP configuration option to adjust how transactions with the same exact data in a single file are handle in order to prevent erroneous de-duplication of these records

Roles and Permissions

  • Added a new custom Role called Core Data Admin which allows users to view and administer the data and settings related to how core data is handled in Green Check
    • Note: these permissions were also applied to the existing Admin role

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue leading to blank screen when navigating back from an individual Daily Summary page
  • Fixed issue relating to saving the form fields on Accounts -> Active -> Internal tab