January 20th, 2023 Release Notes

UI / UX Improvements

  • Changed color of all placeholder text to prevent confusion when viewing empty fields
  • Update styling of comments icon when viewed inside a table
  • Update position of FinCEN report navigation so that users can more easily move between sections within a report
  • Standardized button sizes within the Account Review workflow for onboarding new accounts
  • Updated copy for core data error messages to improve clarity and action

CRB Onboarding

  • Updated the UX related to the final submission of an account application to prevent confusion and increase conversion rates
  • Added a new “success” modal and animation when a CRB users submits their application

Custom Forms

  • Added a search field to the Smart Rules modal to allow users to search for the field that will trigger the Smart Rule’s condition
  • Added support for nested Smart Rules to allow subsequent fields to be shown/hidden based on the result of a previous dynamic field

Sales Data

  • Improve support for Flowhub and Blaze products sold in quantities of “each” or “unit”

Marijuana Licenses

  • Added logic to check all “unmatched” licenses for updates in the associated state reporting databases and automatically link licenses that become available in the data set

Performance Improvement

  • Condensed all notification API calls into one to improve frontend page performance
  • Refactored Dashboard page to use view/programmer models to support more complex and performant components

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue affecting Monitoring Review narratives with colored text
  • Fixed filtering issue that was leading to inadvertent deletion of transaction codes
  • Prevent sales -> payment type rows from duplicating in the Analysis -> Transaction Analysis table on Monitoring Reviews created for multiple orgs
  • Properly filter deleted sales from Sales Activity report