How to handle Biotrack connection refusal errors

Are you receiving an ECONNREFUSED error when attempting to connect your Green Check Verified account with your Biotrack account? Not to worry, this article should help you to resolve that issue.

If you receive an error that reads "Error: connect ECONNREFUSED", this means that the server port may be closed or you may have a firewall in place preventing incoming traffic. 

Green Check Verified communicates with Biotrack over a given server port. In order for Green Check to connect with Green Check, this port must be open so that we are able to connect and read your sales from Biotrack. Therefore, you'll need to ensure the port you've provided is open. 

If you've opened the port but you're still receiving this error, you should check to make sure your firewall is open and there are no connection blockers. 

After you've made those changes, you should be able to connect Green Check and Biotrack, at which point your Biotrack sales will begin to flow into Green Check.