December 9th, 2022 Release Notes

UI / UX Improvements

  • Updated the modal to add/remove/edit Peer Group details and members to further prevent inadvertent updates
  • Updated the default format of hyperlinks to make clickable elements more apparent  

Sales Data

  • POS integration logging and performance improvements
  • Added Proteus420 as a new supported POS integration
  • New section on the Accounts -> Activity tab to show sales integration occurrences and results

Due Diligence

  • Custom form builder (DD Templates + Questionnaires) now supports adding attachment files to file upload fields


  • Insights are simple summary statements that describe the data in an account review. They can serve as indicators as risk—like if an account is depositing much more each month than they are selling—and can act as tools to help you better understand and serve your cannabis customers. Initial Insight categories are:
      • Change in Variance
      • Peer Group Delta
      • New Transaction Type
  • Insights tab in Settings to configure thresholds for each individual insight

Performance Improvements

  • Limited Sales Activity report timeframe to 90 days to reduce liklihood of report failures