Connect Treez to Green Check

Treez provides its users with a unique API key that can be used to integrate with other systems like Green Check.

Ask Treez to share your API key

First, you'll need to ask Treez to email you your API credentials. Copy and paste the email below and send it to



I need some assistance. I would like to integrate our system with the Green Check system. Please provide my API credentials so that I can provide them to the Green Check team to set up the integration.

Enable the integration in Green Check

Once you receive your API credentials from Treez, you'll need to configure the integration in Green Check.

  • In your Green Check account, navigate to Company Profile Integrations.

  • Click the Treez card.

  • Enter your API key and Org Name. Your Org Name can be found in the Portal URL Treez provides you with, directly after the "https://" and before the ""
  •  Click Connect.

After you connect

After you connect the Treez integration to Green Check, you'll see that your integration status is Pending.

You'll know that the integration was completed successfully once this status changes to Connected. Once the integration is Connected, you will begin to see your Treez sales activity loading into Green Check.