Connect Proteus420 to Green Check

Green Check allows you to use your Proteus420 Client Name and API Key to integrate with Green Check and begin pulling in your sales automatically.


Enable this integration in Green Check

To configure this integration, you’ll need your Proteus420 Client Name and API Key. The Client Name will be the Proteus420 account name that shows on the top of the Proteus420 homepage when logged in. The API Key can be accessed and generated on the web services page (Settings>webservices). There will be a unique API Key for each location.

  • In your Green Check account, navigate to Company Profile Integrations.
  • Click the Proteus420 card.
  • Enter your Client Name.
  • Enter your API Key.
  • Click Connect.

After you connect

After you connect your Proteus420 account to Green Check, you'll see that your integration status is Connected. We have a nightly process that pulls in sales so you should see your sales start to appear in the Green Check Dashboard within the next 24 hours.