Connect Canix to Green Check

Canix provides its users with a unique API key that can be used to integrate with other systems like Green Check.

Please follow the instructions listed below:

Locate your API key

First, you'll need to locate your API key in your Canix account.

  • Go to your Canix settings.
  • Toggle the switch next to Green Check Verified to the on position.
  • Copy your client API key.

Add your API key Green Check

Next, you'll use your Canix client API key to configure the integration in Green Check.

  • In your Green Check account, navigate to Company Profile > Integrations.
  • Click the Canix card.
  •  In the drawer, enter your Client API key that you copied from Canix.
  • If you have multiple locations in Canix, you will be presented with a drop-down of locations.  Please select the appropriate location for this integration.
  •  Click Connect.

Green Check only pulls in Sales that are marked as ‘Archived’ in Canix. You’ll need to ensure that once your sales are completed and paid for, you move them to ‘Archived’ in Canix, at which point, those sales and sales totals will be pulled into Green check. 

After you connect

You'll know that the integration was completed successfully once the integration status changes to Connected