Complete tasks and questionnaires

Questionnaires and tasks are ongoing due diligence that your financial institution will have you complete as needed.

There are two types of work that your financial institution or service provider might ask you to complete as part of their ongoing due diligence efforts: 

  1. Questionnaires:  When your financial institution needs to have you answer questions and collect information from you as part of their ongoing due diligence process, they will send your team a questionnaire to complete. You'll receive an email and notification when a questionnaire has been distributed to your team. Currently, questionnaires get distributed to all members within the Account Owner and Admin group at your business.
  2. Tasks: Tasks are one time requests that need to be acknowledged and completed. The difference between tasks and questionnaires is that questionnaires have questions or other fields you need to complete; tasks, on the other hand, simply need to be read and marked as complete once the task has been finished on your end. They serve as task lists or reminders for you. If you're a task recipient, you'll receive an email and notification when a task has been sent. You must mark tasks as complete.

To complete both tasks or questionnaires, simply go to the Inbox area of the Green Check application. 

Inbox tab

All newly distributed tasks and questionnaires that have not been started by another team member will be listed in the Inbox tab. Here, you'll see work that has been assigned to your business and the dates on which each item will be marked as 'late.'  Items that haven't been started yet will have a status of New. Simply click on an item to begin working on it.

Once you start answering questions or filling out fields within a questionnaire, it will be set to In Progress to indicate that you have started the work. All work will be automatically saved.

Submit Questionnaires or Complete Tasks

Once you're finished filling out the questionnaire results, you can complete the questionnaire from within it by clicking the Submit button in the banner at the top of the questionnaire detail page. You can also click the Submit button from the main table actions if desired. 

Similarly with tasks, click on a table row to view the task and mark it as complete. You can add a completion note which will help your financial institution understand what was done to facilitate the task.

Completed tab

After tasks and questionnaires have been submitted by you or another member of your team, you can see their results in the Completed tab. Simply click on a row to view its contents.

You'll see who completed it, when they completed it, and you'll also have a view-only look at the fully completed questionnaire or task item.