Complete your application

These are the steps you'll need to take to complete and submit your application.

If your application is still in progress, you can access it from the Dashboard or My Providers pages in Green Check.

Please note: You may save your progress and come back to your application by clicking Complete Setup Later in the navigation bar.

Table of Contents


Add your business details

This is basic information that your financial institution needs to make sure you're a legitimate business.

  • In the Business Details section of your application, click Add Business Details.
  • Complete each section then click Next.

    Add your operational details

    We use this information to help you manage your compliance with your state rules and regulations. Your financial institution will also use this information to tailor their product and service offerings to your business.

    • In the Operational Details section of your application, click Add Operational Details.
    • Complete each section then click Next.


    Sharing these documents with your financial institution helps them confirm the legitimacy and health of your business. They are required to do this for every account they open.

    • In the Documentation section of your application, click Upload File.
    • You can choose from existing documents you may have used for other applications; otherwise simply upload a new document using the drag-and-drop interface.
        • You can upload multiple files if needed for the same requirement.
      • To remove a file, click the trash can icon.
      • Click Finish.

    Don't have one of the documents? You can choose "I don't have this" and leave an explanation.

    Upload marijuana business licenses

    Adding your marijuana business licenses helps us remind you when a license needs to be renewed and helps you easily share updates with your banking partner.

    • In the Documentation section of your application, click Upload License.
    • Enter the license details and upload a file.
    • Go through the steps of finding and matching your license.

    Upload employee licenses (if applicable)

    Adding your employee licenses helps us remind you when a license needs to be renewed and helps you easily share updates with your banking partner.

    Please note: Some states don't require employees to be licensed - in this case you won't see this section at all.

    • In the Employee License section of your application, click Upload Employee Licenses.
    • Enter the license details.
    • Choose a file.
    • Click Finish.
    • Choose a reminder time period, then click Add.

    Verify your identity 

    Financial institutions ask that all Account Owners on Green Check go through a simple identity verification process to ensure the legitimacy of your business.

    • Navigate to the ID Verification section of your application.
    • Complete each section then click Review.
    • Review the information for accuracy, then press Verify Identity.

    Add other Account Owners

    Account Owners are included as part of the application sent to the bank, and will be able to conduct banking activities on behalf of your business. Your financial institution needs to verify all owners on your account.

    • In the Account Owners section of your application, click + Account Owner.
    • Enter the user's contact information, then click Send Invite.

    Are you the only account owner? You can choose "I am the only account owner" and continue

    Additional Information

    Fill out all questions in the Additional Information section. These are all custom questions that the particular Financial Institution you are applying to requires.  

    • You are able to Edit this section at any time by clicking the Edit icon found at the top right of the Additional Information page.
    • Once you've finished this section, please click Save at the bottom.

    Not all Financial Institution's applications contain the Additional Information section, so if you don't see it, don't worry!

    Submit your application

    Once all sections of your application are complete, press Complete in the navigation bar on the left.