Marijuana License Status Change Notifications

Receive notifications when the status of a license changes

One of the main benefits of Business License Verification is being able to automatically receive a notification when the status of a license changes. This is especially helpful as it means you and your team no longer have to scour the varying state websites searching for a license to figure out if is valid. 

Once a license is uploaded to Green Check Verified and linked, you’ll receive a notification when the status of the license changes. For instance, if the license was “Active” yesterday, and today it has been marked as “Expired”, you will receive a notification with this information. This allows you to only take action and follow up on the licenses that warrant your attention. 

First, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve enabled these notifications. 

  • In your Green Check account, navigate to the Gear icon in the upper right hand corner.  this will take you to your User Settings.
  • Click Accounts to expand the Accounts notification preferences. 
  • You’ll notice there is a new notification “An account had a business license whose status has changed”.
    • Turning on this notification will ensure you get notifications when the ‘status’ of a marijuana license changes. 
  • To modify your notification settings, click the ‘Edit’ button and toggle the notifications on or off, according to your preferences. 

After you’ve enabled these notifications, you’ll receive a notification when the status of any of the marijuana licenses for any of your accounts changes.


Relevant permissions: Account Owner, Account Admin