August 5th, 2022 Release Notes

UI / UX Improvements

  • Persist characters typed into search fields when navigating in and out of different sections of the application

Roles and Permissions

  • Added new custom roles for Questionnaire and Due Diligence Template functionality:
    • Questionnaire/DD Template Admin: Performs ALL related questionnaire and due diligence template tasks, including creation, editing, viewing results, and distributing to CRBs.
    • Questionnaire Reviewer/Assigner: Review questionnaire results that CRBs submit and they can also assign or send questionnaires as needed.
    • Questionnaire Template Creator: Create and edit questionnaire templates.
    • DD Template Creator: Create and edit due diligence templates in Settings

Account Monitoring

  • Ability to drill down into transaction categories to view the individual transactions for each category during the period
  • Added filters to the Total Sales and Deposits widget to filter in or out specific deposit types to compare against aggregate sales

Core Data

  • Added the ability for Admins to add, edit, and delete transaction codes in Settings


  • Introduced a new Core Transaction report which includes all core transactions for the selected account(s) + timeframe
  • Added a new top banner notification to inform users when a report is ready and include a link to download the report


  • Added a date filter on Accounts -> Active Account -> Questionnaires tab to help filter / find questionnaires in various time ranges

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue affecting unmatched transactions that were missing both account number and transaction code
  • Updated Monitoring Review -> Transaction Timeline widget to correctly handle “0” values
  • Corrected issue affecting calculation of confidence score and flower product types on Monitoring Review -> Products section
  • Stopped license expiration emails from going out to CRBs for archived license records
  • Fixed caching issue that resulted in Dashboard filter defaulting to “custom” instead of “last 7 days”