August 19th, 2022 Release Notes

UI / UX Improvements

  • Updated copy in the Data page to make “Unmatched Reason” results easier to understand
      • Missing internal Code changed to Unmatched Account Number
      • Missing Transaction Code changed to Unmatched Transaction Code
  • Reduced the default size of the standard Comments component to make it less distracting / intrusive to other page elements
  • Added clean paragraph spacing when adding a description in Custom Fields -> Section elements
  • Migrated the account approval tab layout to new standard tab layout found in FinCEN reports and Monitoring Reviews

Data Page

  • Added new filter options to the Imports tab allowing users to filter imports by “status” and “source” in addition to the existing date range filter

CRB Onboarding

  • Introduced a new view for CRBs in the Invited, Awaiting Review, and Review in Progress tabs to allow users to access the Internal tab (enter account number, upload internal docs, etc.) and Administration settings (rename account, associate with parent)
  • Added the standard Comments component to the CRB onboarding flow to allow for internal and external communication and/or comments during the review process

FinCEN Reporting

  • New option to select from existing branch records when adding branch activity to the Financial Location section of Suspicious Activity Reports


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue preventing CRB users from being included in the Users Report 
  • Fixed issue that was disrupting CRB users’ manual sales upload notification when the user switched between multiple locations while the upload was processing
  • Updated Greenbits POS integration to resolve an issue that led to infrequent, semi-random errors when ingesting CRB sales data