Add and remove custom requirements

You can add or remove custom requirements that all of your accounts will be asked to provide with the application in addition to the standard Green Check requirements.

Add a custom requirement

  • In your Green Check account, navigate to Settings and then to Due Diligence.
  • Click the Add New Requirement button found in the Custom Requirements box.
  • Add a name, choose a category and add a description for the custom requirement.
  • (Optional) Upload any files you'd like to attach to the requirement (eg. forms or other supporting documentation).  Businesses will be able to reference, download, or otherwise use these files during the file upload process.
  • Click Create Custom Requirement.

View, edit or archive a custom requirement

  • Click on the requirement in the table.
  • Click Edit or Archive.

Please note: When a custom requirement is archived, any documents that have been uploaded to the requirement will be preserved and displayed on your end for every account. However, Active accounts will no longer see the requirement on their end and new accounts will not see the requirement as part of their application.

View archived custom requirements

  • Click Switch To: Archived Requirements above the table.
  • To restore an archived requirement:
    • Click on the requirement in the table.
    • Click Restore.