Invite additional account owners to CRB accounts

From time to time you may find that the original CRB contact you invited to submit an application in Green Check is not the best person to complete the process. In these cases, it's easy to invite additional Account Owners to a given CRB account by following the steps below.  

Account Owners have the same permissions as Admin users plus they will receive any account-related communications from Green Check.

Follow these steps to add an Account Owner:

Add additional Account Owners  to a CRB account  at any stage prior to Active.  This includes any account that  is still in the Invited, Awaiting Review, and Review in Progress queues:
    • Navigate to the Accounts section of your Green Check application.
    • Select the Invited, Awaiting Review, or Review in Progress tab.
    • Select the account in which you wish to add an additional Account Owner.
    • In the Account Owners section, click the Invite Account Owner button and fill out First Name, Last Name and Email Address.
    • Click the Invite Account Owner button.