About Marijuana Business License Verification

The marijuana business licenses table displays the ‘Status’ of a marijuana license so that you know whether or not your business license is still valid in the state system of record. The marijuana business licenses table also shows the date this license was last verified (i.e. the date this license was last checked against the state license database). Certain states only update their database of licenses periodically, so this date may be one month or more in the past. 

You can view additional marijuana business license verification info by clicking on the business license and viewing details in the document drawer. Here you will find the standardized business name, license status, date verified, expiration date, and licensing authority. These are details retrieved from the state license database. 

We make nightly updates to this information to ensure the license(s) tied to your CRB are up to date and you are made aware of any changes. There may be instances where a linkage cannot be made between the license you’ve uploaded and the standardized version of this license. 

In some cases, the state doesn’t make this license status information available, and therefore we are unable to find a match given the license number. These licenses will appear with a status of “Unmatched” in Green Check.