Connect Greenbits to Green Check

Greenbits provides its users with unique API tokens that can be used to integrate with other systems like Green Check. 

Set up new Role and User in Greenbits

To share your API token with Green Check, you will need to set up a separate Role and User account in Greenbits that Green Check will use to access your API token.

Create a new Role

First, you'll create a new Role in Greenbits.

  • In your Greenbits account, go to Settings > Roles.

  • Select Add Role.

  • Give the new role a Name, such as "Green Check" or "GC".

  • Select only the following permissions:

    • Under Make Sales:

      • View products.
    • Access Backoffice.
    • Under Manage Inventory:
      • View product types
      • View brands
      • View strains
      • View suppliers


Please note: To ensure a successful connection, please double-check that the new role has all of the permissions listed above.

Create a new User

Then, you'll create a new user account for Green Check and assign this user to the Role you created above.

  • In your Greenbits account, go to Settings > Users.

  • Select Add User. If you see an Employee License Number field, leave this blank.

  • Enter a Username that includes your company name and "greencheck".

    • Example: YOURCOMPANYgreencheck.
  • Enter any First Name and Last Name.

  • In the Email field, enter the email address of your company's primary point of contact for Green Check (such as a general manager or accountant), followed by +1.

  • Enter a Password. You will provide this password to Green Check later.

  • Select the new Role that you created.

  • If you have multiple store locations, check the boxes in the Accessible Locations table to specify which locations you want Green Check to have access to.

  • Save the new user profile.

Provide the log in credentials to Green Check

Finally, you'll need to provide the login credentials for the new Green Check user profile you just created for your Greenbits account.

  • In your Green Check account, navigate to Company Profile Integrations.

  • Click the Greenbits card.

  • In the drawer, enter the Email and Password that you created for the new Green Check profile in Greenbits.

  • Check the box next to Enable Greenbits inegration.
  • Click Connect.

After you connect

Once you provide us with the login in credentials, we will complete the connection. The integration may take 2-3 days. During this time, the integration status will be Pending.

You'll know that the integration was completed successfully once this status changes to Connected. Once the integration is Connected, you will begin to see your Greenbits sales activity loading into Green Check.