A guide to the Compliance Rules Engine

The Compliance Rules Engine is an automated process that compares every sale uploaded to Green Check against all applicable rules set forth by your state's cannabis regulatory agency.

Its purpose is to analyze the data included with every sale uploaded to Green Check in order to evaluate the compliance of each sale.

Why it exists

The purpose of the Compliance Rules Engine is to verify legitimate cannabis sales as well as to surface non-compliant sales.

How it evaluates sales

The Compliance Rules Engine analyzes every data point provided for a sale, compares it to all of the applicable state rules and regulations, and then labels it with a status.

Review the guide to sales status in Green Check.

When it runs

As soon as a sale is upload to Green Check, either via manual upload or direct integration, it is run through the Compliance Rules Engine. 

If a sale is re-uploaded to Green Check, it will be re-run through the Compliance Rules Engine.

Which rules it applies

Because the rules and regulations that govern the sale of cannabis differ by state, the Compliance Rules Engine uses a unique set of rules depending on the state in which your business is located in.

For more information about the specific rules used to evaluate your business' sales, please contact support@greencheckverified.com.